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Projector Cookie

All our current cookies are of Tilia Americana Tree, a species of tree in the family Malvaceae, native to eastern North America...

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Crystals and Chakras

Here we offer a selection of gems, crystals that aids in Full Spectrum energetic representation needed for one projector

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Ecopoxy Resin and Hardener

Ecopoxy is a Plant-based Non-Toxic 2 part compound used for a multiplicity of crafts. Use the link to locate a retailer near you.

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Our Projector Kit

We have gather a majority of the materials for You

+9 Chosen Crystals/Gems
+Laser Engraved Naturally Inspired fibonacci Projector Pattern
+10 Disposable Resin Dropper
+Eye Screw Hooks
+Drill Hole Map for the Screw placement within the Design
+Bonus Stone
+Herbal Smudge stick

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

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$ 5.00 USD
EMF Protection Set
EMF Protection Set

Tourmaline- Hematite Amozonite Sodalite Laboradite

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$ 18.00 USD
Laser Designed Tree Cookie
Tilia Americana Tree
Laser Designed Tree Cookie

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$ 65.00 USD
Projector Kit
Cubic; Orthorhumbic; Hexagonal; Triclinic; Trigonal; Hexagonal-Hexagonal
Root; Sacral; Solar; Heart; Throat; Third Eye; Crown
Projector Kit

The Secret Energy Projector is a Quantum Vision Board used as a Weapon of Mass Creation. This was idea was pulled from the Ether by Seven Bomar, founder of Secret Energy. Talia Americana Tree Cookie precisely engraved with a sacred geometrical pattern inspired by Nature's Phi pattern. This kit includes: +9 Chosen (7 Chakra Crystals/Gems and 2 for the poles. +Laser Engraved Nature Inspired fibonacci Projector Pattern. +10 Disposable Resin Dropper. +Eye Screw Hooks +Drill Hole Map Engraved +Bonus Stones +Herbal Smudge stick (9 -12day Processing before shipping)

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$ 200.00 USD

Did you watch Sevan Ambassador Lecture on the Projector Yet?

The Projector is a metaphysical augmentation device created by Sevan to assist you in utilizing your innate powers to affect your environment.

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Wholeness Danielle, I recieved my order yesterday, wanted to say thank you. I love everything.
However, the copper, pink obsidiian bracelet was not included in packaging.
Thank you, (Michelle 9) :)

Michelle G. | Certified Costumer


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Sophie Grace | Business owner