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A Mindful Market Of Crystals, Custom Orgone, Holistic Healing And Accessories.
As Well as Crypto Navigation with Curtis Heru.
We Consider You Tribe, Wholeness.

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Crypto OnBoarding

A Mindful 101 Guide into the CryptoVerse

Sharing Trusted resources, methods and personal experiences will ensure confidence when handling crypto currency.
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Find Guides and Community Leaders experienced by us personally. We Give Thanks
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Sovereign Living Project

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Cosmic Daily Resonance
Bitcoin Ennealogy
Hair Breathing! Pulling Universal Life Force Energy with our Hair

Malachite Set

Malachite Set

Malachite Flower of Life Pendant + Green CatEye with Tiger Eye Bracelet This combination of stones is great for self confidence and clarity. Allowing your truest strongest version to emerge. Obsidian is a strong protective stone that absorbs and blocks negative energy. It also helps bring clarity to the mind and calms confusion. Physically it can aid in digestion and detoxification. Tiger Eye is a stone of courage and mental clarity. It helps focus the mind and balances Ying and Yang energy in the emotional body. Stabilizes mood swings, encourages self confidence and releases tension.

Malachite Set
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Crypto Navigator Monthy

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101 Harmonic Coaching

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Ahmali Body

Stunning stones and creations for Everyone

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Hydrolux is the best molecular hydrogen water generator producing over 3000 ppb

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We offer 58+ products from Trusted Herbalist and Alchemist. Cell Salts and more.

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We offers a one step at a time approach to guide you towards embodying the true you. From Soul Coaching to Ennealogy, Podcasts to Innerversity Courses, growing from the inside out with a team and a plan.

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