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Thanks for choosing OneTribe as every product and service is 'Made with you in Mind.'
Ahmali Body is our own Home-Grown brand birthed by Danielle, consisting of all you see here and more,

Custom orders are available upon Request.

Crystals Bracelets

Crystals Bracelets are a perfect, stylish and ancient futuristic way to utilize Mother Nature's Gems to amplify your resonance and energetic flow.


Express your Divine Femininity by accenting your waist with our spectrum of designs. Using vibrant bead colors, stones and charms to create art for the waist. Accent your center with creativity.

Authentic Crystals

Every stone has a myriad of meanings, purpose and correspondence. They've graced this planet for millennia. We have Crystals as gentle Rose Quartz and as dominant as Celestite. Each stone connects to one or more Chakras, Ennealogic Archetypes, and Energetic Wellness.