Hair Breathing! Pulling Universal Life Force Energy with our Hair

May 12, 2022

My hair, My Crowning Glory!

In my internal Chi practices, the most hair raising one has been, Hair Breathing! Pulling Universal Life Force Energy with my Hair.  People talk about hair being special and many cultures but just how special is just the beginning.  Hair is often worn as an ornament or decoration on the human body.  Hair, therefore, is mostly seen as a sign of beauty.  The Hair industry is a Billion Dollar industry, where Hair is mostly promoted on the surface and outer appearance.  On the inside of the physical body, hair is connected to our organs and senses and is a great transmitter of information.  On the Spiritual side, Hair is the receiver and transmitter of divine emanation ­which makes you receptive to spiritual forces.  As above so below!  What if I told you that you can bring down the energy of the universe with the tip of your hair.

I caught on to the Magic of hair on several fronts from my personal experience, from the physical to the emotional and spiritual aspects our hair raises our frequency and spirits. My hair always seemed to relate to many important traumatic events in my life.  Doing my hair has always been one of the most important things “to do” when celebrating, wedding, new births, communion, party, etc…

However, the changing of style or cutting off my Hair also happened when traumatic events were taking place in my life.  After my miscarriage, I cut down my lovely long lush hair almost to the skin. I couldn’t stand the weight of it on my head, so I cut it off.  Looking back, I’ve colored, straighten, Permed, Dreaded, Cut, etc.… all coinciding with important events or times of my life. Lately, I find myself not Braiding and unbraiding, touching or not touching or not washing or washing my hair before each big spiritual download.

I have many practices, that I have incorporated into living the Awaken Self Life.  One such practice is the energy practice of internal Qigong.  As a student of Mantak Chia at the Universal Healing Tao school, Tai Chi and Qigong are part of one’s daily practice. The Tao teaches that Energy is all around us and we can take in this energy at will.  With practice, we can pull energy out of the air into our hair and gain access to the Universal life force. We have so many hairs in our body and we can awaken this awareness of how to pull the Universal life force around us.  Depending on where the Hair is located in your body it will pull the energy into a specific organ.

A lot of Hair means a lot of Chi.  Our Hair breathes just like the pores of our skin breathes too. The idea is to “think” and feel the hairs inhaling and exhaling, extend each strand out into the universe feel antenna-like follicle which can pull in the Universal Life energy all around us.

We have different types of hair, Scalp Hair, Eyebrow Hair, Nose Hair, Ear Hair, Armpit Hair, Pubic Hair, and Body Hair.

One of my favorite ways of pulling in the Qi is through Hair Breathing.  As I’m still practicing, I still feel wobbly when pulling in the energy with my Hairs, but the more I practice the stronger I feel the energy.  We have millions of Hair on the body this is not naught.  Our Hairs serve their energetic purpose just like food does.  So train your Hair strands to breathe in the universal life force, prana. Inhale and exhale through the Hair, the energy received will filter through the hair follicle and mix and transform from the raw Prana, Nature, and Universal Qi into more usable energy for the organs and body to use.

Universal Life force is available to us all of the time.  The Unlocking keys are the knowledge and practices of how to access this very real free energy.

Pubic hairs are connected to the Lungs and large intestine and give us a general surplus of Chi

Under- Arm is connected to Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach and gives us a surplus of energy in our muscles

Author: Déesse Wigeby


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