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"If you don't see the portal, BE the portal"

Our story evolves from the Carolinas, and connects to the World. Expressing our uniqueness, identifying and closing the communication gaps in our Communities, Family and Tribe is where we fit perfectly. Sovereignty is our goal as we create Mindful products and content to share Karma Free Wealth.
Finding synergy throughout our global community that strengthens us all is our motivation, no separation.
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To Create and Hold space for other creators, to expand our community, and to build Mindful foundations for generations to come.
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Curtis 'Heru' Boyd

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations, He Honors You and Your Manifestations. Native of the Carolinas, Curtis also know as Heru, is an enthusiastic Teacher, Musician, Dance Instructor, Soul Coach and Griot.   Raised in KingsTree, South Carolina in the 'Hell Half Acre Community', a small rural town filled with Adventure. 'Nature is the 1st Teacher', is a lesson Curtis has been shown since his youth. Studies and experiences have taught and have taken Heru from the Southeast Coast of North America to the East Coast Meridian of Africa where he studied Ethnomusicology in Kenya at Kenyatta University; to Community Building projects in Quibdo, Cocho, in South America to Cameroon and Tanzania of Africa.   As of now, he is a Student of Metaphysics in Secret Energy's Innerversity, where his uniqueness blossoms and talents are amplified.  

As a Conscious Entrepreneur, Curtis founded Hakuna Matata Unlimited Fashion, selling Authentic Kenyan Wear then transforming to OneTribe HMU, offering Orgone, Crystals Accessories, SE Holistic Health Products and engaging the youth in Mindful EduTainment as the group 'BookBeats.'  Using Griotic Expressions of Self to animate and highlight concepts of Higher Truths.  Guided Meditation and Afro-Robic Meditation through movement are available as well for all ages.

Stories covering a wide range of characters, from Che'-Che' Kole', to Anansi the Spider, and originals like Omulau in his tales through Origins of the Alphabet, teaching Language and Symbolism.  Diving Deep into his 'Music You Feel' course explores Cymatics, Tones and Ear Training, as the children remember "I'm Training My Ear to Say what I Hear" phrase to engage in rhythm, tone and interval exercises.  

Curtis 'Heru' Boyd has also Authored a Comic Book: The Source Seeds (Exert)

"Pulsing like a star on Orion's Belt, Our young Heroes have begun to awaken their Higher-Self.  

It all became clearer on the day of the Eclipse as the pulse grew stronger no longer in bits."

With a Phiery Guru Heart and Wisdom of the Cosmic Order, Brother Heru unlocks and engages students and clients all over the globe.  As a Father, Brother, Son, Nephew, Friend, etc, Brother Curtis values Family connections and Tribe Relationships with Nobility. He's been a part of Tribunals Forums and Panel Discussions on topics including but not limited to Health, Community Development, CryptoCurrency, Farming, Religion, Music and more.

Contact: OneTribeHMU@protonmail.com

Telegram: @OneTribeCurt



Crystal Enthusiast

I loose time in the vertices of crystals, their color, feel and energy activates motive to create.

International Experience

Exploring other countries and native gems have expended my Love for our mother

Keep Vibin in Resonance at Top Speeds

— Curtis Heru

We operate with the awareness that All Is Self, to create a gateway of harmonic knowledge, wisdom, and application. This unlocks the essence of our ability to envision and manifest a resonate experience while equitably refining our creations to reflect the highest truth.

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The Four Rules of Ennealogy
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we align with these principles

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Michelle Graham
Thank You!

Wholeness Danielle, I recieved my order yesterday, wanted to say thank you. I love everything.
However, the copper, pink obsidiian bracelet was not included in packaging.
Thank you, Michelle Graham

5/5 Stars
Ahmoi Bey

Wholeness Sistah, Thanks!!!

5/5 Stars
Cheryl J.

WBV, Danielle! I wanted to give Curtis a review for the orgone Flower of Life pendant and pyramid I received on 12/21. I don't see a review button on the Etsy page, so I'm going to give the review here: "I'm wearing the necklace right now & put the pyramid on my alter/altar. I could feel the energy as soon as I put on the necklace & touched the pyramid! 💥💥💥 I've been sleeping with the pyramid as well, placing it over various chakras, & when I wake up I can feel the increased energy vibrations of my field. And thank You so much for planning delivery for the date of the cosmic upgrade!" 5 out of 5 stars. ~ Much love! ~ Cheryl J. (Secret Energy Ambassador)

5/5 Stars
Mary Francise
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